What are wiring accessories?

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Wiring accessories refer to a range of devices and components used in electrical wiring systems to connect, control, and protect electrical circuits and devices. These accessories are essential for the safe and efficient operation of electrical installations in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Here are some common examples of wiring accessories:


Toggle Switches: Basic on/off switches.
Dimmer Switches: Allow control over the brightness of lights.
Rocker Switches: Modern design switches that rock back and forth.
Push-button Switches: Operated by pressing a button.

Sockets (Outlets):

Standard Electrical Outlets: For connecting plugs of various devices.
GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Outlets: Provide protection against electrical shock.
USB Outlets: Include USB ports for charging devices.


Standard Plugs: For connecting appliances and devices to outlets.
Industrial Plugs: Heavy-duty plugs for industrial applications.


Wire Connectors: Used to join electrical wires together.
Terminal Blocks: Provide a junction point for multiple wires.

Face plates (Cover Plates):

Single/Multiple Gang Plates: Cover switches and outlets for aesthetic and protective purposes.
Decorative Plates: Enhance the appearance of electrical outlets and switches.

 Circuit Protection Devices:

Fuses: Protect circuits by breaking the connection if the current is too high.
Circuit Breakers: Automatically interrupt electrical flow in case of overload or short circuit.

 Cable Management Accessories:

Cable Trays and Conduits: Guide and protect cables.
Ties and Clips of Cable : Secure cables in place.

 Timers and Sensors:

Timer Switches: Automatically turn devices on or off after a set period.
Motion Sensors: Activate lights or devices when motion is detected.

 Adaptors and Converters

Plug Adaptors: Allow the use of plugs with different outlet types.
Voltage Converters: Change the voltage of electrical power.

Smart Lighting Controls: Enable remote control and automation of lighting systems.
Photocells: Automatically control lighting based on ambient light levels.

These wiring accessories not only enhance the functionality and convenience of electrical systems but also play a crucial role in ensuring electrical safety and compliance with standards and regulations